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Affordable publicity for nice people and projects

Pam Beddard PR

Pam Beddard runs a small but highly effective PR agency with a long and strong track record of winning the right kind of attention for people and organisations seeking to make the world a brighter, better, fairer, greener or more interesting place.
From a base in Bristol, UK, she works regionally, nationally and internationally at devising/ delivering press, publicity and marketing campaigns which
• command media attention
• engage public interest
• encourage online sharing and
• secure audience commitment.

The agency specialises in working with the arts, culture and environmental sectors, including assignments for authors, film & TV makers; film festivals; heritage organisations, photographers, publishers, sustainability projects, theatre and opera companies and wildlife conservation charities.

She also trains non-profits in topics such as ‘Attracting the Media’ and ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’, and has trusted associates offering media, presentation and soft skills training, stills photography, video/ podcast production, design and print and event management.

To find out more, please get in touch.

14 + 13 =

Amazing Stats

Amazing stats, Pam. Your story scored 500k+ hits & 280k+ video views today. This meant it was the third most read story – and the most watched video – on the whole of the BBC News website!!!! What’s next?

Science & Environment reporter, BBC Online

Enthusiasm and Knowledge

Pam Beddard is THE go-to film PR here in the South West. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of all things film, past and present knows no bounds. She is a lateral thinker who brings passion and creativity to her campaigns. This combined with the research she is prepared to put in and her sheer determination with a whole range of local media outlets delivers great results. It’s so rare to find a PR that isn’t just reliant on star names and every time, goes way beyond our expectations.

Madeleine Probst, Managing Producer, Cinema Rediscovered

Knowledge of UK and International Media

Pam’s commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge of UK and international media ensures that our winners consistently get the recognition their work deserves.

Manager, UK-based wildlife conservation grants and awards charity

Google News Alerts are still pouring in

No! Does any other festival have to decide whether to ‘do’ The ONE Show, BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain or Loose Ends? Can’t keep up! And Google News Alerts are still pouring in. Very well done!

Chris Daniels, Director, Slapstick Film Festival

Impressive Results

Pam is great to work with – she bubbles over with ideas and enthusiasm but
that goes with a steely determination to turn ideas into practical action and achieve impressive results (with no little humour and laughs along the way).

Communications manager, Government agency


Brilliant. Should have come to you first – obviously.

BBC NHU documentary producer

The world’s best publicist

Pam, you are now officially the world’s best publicist. I am so delighted with what you’ve done for me.

Sue Flood, adventure travel & wildlife photographer and author

Professional, effective and efficient

Working with you is a complete joy. You are professional, effective and efficient. The support you’ve given us to promote Bristol Walk Fest and NO LIMITS outdoor photographic exhibitions has been invaluable.

Karen Lloyd, Active Ageing Manager, Age UK

The safest and most reliable pair of PR hands

Pam is surely the safest and most reliable pair of PR hands you can find in Bristol. She has a wealth of experience and contacts to draw on and never fails to respond promptly, helpfully and, super-importantly, honestly, to any request for PR advice. I feel enormously fortunate to be able to draw on her friendly yet professional expertise.

Alex Rotas, anti-ageism campaigner & photographer